Upgrade your Microsoft Dynamics NAV

This is the Best time to upgrade your Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
There comes a time in its lifecycle  when you might consider an upgrade to accelerate growth potential within the business refines processes and procedures and take advantage of new technology such as Microsoft  Power BI. For those reading this who aren’t familiar with Power BI find out more in our recent blog articles.

Reasons to Upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2018

Built with the same flexibility and integration capabilities you’ve come to expect from Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the new NAV 2018 will transform your business processes and take your organization to the next level in terms of simplicity, function and business process improvement.

  1. Seamless Integration with Office 365
    2. Enhanced User Experience
    3. Embedded Power BI Advanced Analytics
    4. Simple Setup and Configuration
    5. Native CRM Integration to Synchronize Data
    6. Optimized Mobile CRM Experience
    7. E-everything
    8. Managing Your Items
    9. Finance Enhancements
    10. Predictive Analytics with Cortana Intelligence
    11. Extensions
    12. Power App
    13. User Task
    14. Employee Ledger Entries
    15. Image Analyzer
    16. SO To PO

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed to help your business jump start their financial insight and distribution management and then easily extend into all functional areas and comes with a wide set of functionalities that through Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 provide some great opportunities for deployment supporting business process and enhancing business productivity with the organization.

It is a multi-language, multi-currency business management solution that helps companies worldwide manage their accounting and finances, supply chain, and operations. It is available as both a cloud solution or on-premise.

This version of NAV has a deeper integration with other Microsoft products by connecting them with each other in the same business environment, such as Dynamics 365 applications, PowerApps, Flow, Office 365, Power BI and third-party applications. Read this whitepaper to learn more about NAV’s new features and how it can improve the entire way you do business.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 functionality is delivered through 2 types of licenseThe Starter Pack (required)

The Extended Pack.

The Starter Pack (required) is for companies who need core financials and trade functionality: including; Basic Financials Management (General Ledger and Fixed Assets); Basic Supply Chain Management and Basic Sales Management (Sales, Purchasing and Inventory); Professional Services (Project Management) with a broad set of Business Insight and reporting functionality as an integral part of the product. Additionally, Starter Pack comes with a wide range of tolls to customize the solution, to meet the needs of every customer together wit h

The Extended Pack is for growing, midmarket, or high-function-needs companies who are looking f or an adaptive solution with a broad set of functionalities: including Warehousing and Manufacturing. It comes with additional customization object for doing more extensive

To Learn More about  upgrade to MS Dynamics NAV 2018 and take advantage of the new functionalities and capabilities, please contact us at info@naviworld.com