NaviWorld Group, established since 1999, is a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Business Solutions to Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe regions with customers such as Carlsberg, P&G, Michelin, GM, Ford, Espirit, Jetstar Pacific Airlines , Dragger, Kosen Fibertec, Panasonic, Ruyan Department Stores, Krispy Kreme, etc
NaviWorld Group is a complete provider of end-to-end integrated and adaptable business management applications for mid-sized companies and Enterprises. With ERP and CRM solutions catering for various sectors from Distribution, Retail, Services and Manufacturing. Focusing on our customer’s requirements, NaviWorld has been able to understand the thoughts behind their needs, understand the flow and acquire the process knowledge of various industries. Our 100% commitment to our customers has helped us to become one of the ‘best-skilled’ Business Solution (ERP) providers in the market

Mission / Values

NaviWorld provides business, IT and ERP consultancy services across a range of industries and verticals.

• The deliverables to our clients are a fully or partial fully integrated business process, these been analyzed, standardized, simplified, optimized and documented ,during the ERP project.

• To support the business process NaviWorld uses the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP & IT Platform. •The value of an ERP project are:

–Visibility of the core business data and task across all departments

–Simplified & Standardized Business Process

–Documented Workflow & Procedures

–Removal of multiple Standalone Software benefits in lower maintenance cost

–Fewer staff to administrative task more time to-do business

–Less dependent on the individual staff and easier to get new staff into the organization